Alginate casing Agergel

The flagship product of Vaess Agersol is the alginate casing – AGERGEL.

AGERGEL features the properties of a product that is:

  • innovative
  • highly productive – the system based on coextrusion is characterized by a considerably enhanced stuffing performance in comparison to natural casings (made of intestine).
    Alginate casing:  
    • shows no tendency to cracking,
    • is very flexible,
    • is stable in terms of caliber,
    • ensures reproducibility of the finished product.
  • safe – the alginate casing is made of natural vegetable raw materials (sea algae), does not contain any allergenic substances, GMO, nor any preservatives;
  • universal – it works with all the coextrusion systems available.
    Depending on Customer’s needs it may be used for manufacturing sausages:  
    • of a different fineness, also for frankfurter sausages production;
    • the raw sausages, blanched sausages and the dried ones;
    • of different caliber: from 8 up to 32 mm;
    • in various bar forms – coiled, twisted or cut;
  • of a long-life extending even up to 12 months;
  • inert – does not bring neither taste nor flavor into the finished good;
  • stable in respect of the price.