About us

Vaess Agersol is a manufacturing company with foreign capital.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding Client by offering him a safe and applicative, and first of all an innovative product.

Our passion is creating modern solutions in the food sector according to high-quality standards, developing new products of improved quality as well as rationalizing the costs of production.


  • production and sales of functional food additives of highest quality confirmed with a relevant certificate;
  • technology consulting services for the entire production process starting from acquisition of raw materials to packaging materials;
  • consultancy within the technical/ equipment scope;
  • creation of innovative solutions in response to Clients’ needs as well as support in their implementation.

Since early 2018, Agersol and Vaessen-Schoemaker have joined forces. Vaessen-Schoemaker is active more than 70 years as a highly innovative player in the meat and food industry. Vaess Agersol brings innovation and specialistic knowledge on alginate, alginate casings and coextrusion. Since that time, Vaessen-Schoemaker is the primary commercial outlet for Vaess Agersol.